What Mattered Most


Released April 18, 1995
Label – Sony Nashville/Epic Records

Track Listing

  1. What Mattered Most –#1
  2. Pretty Good Thing
  3. Summer Was A Bummer
  4. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim
  5. Heart Half Empty – #21
  6. I Want My Goodbye Back – #7
  7. You Just Get One
  8. In Your Face – #63
  9. Love At 90 Miles An Hour
  10. Hat Full Of Rain

The album produced four singles released to country radio, including the title track “What Mattered Most” plus “Heart Half Empty”, “I Want My Goodbye Back”, and “In Your Face”. The numbers to the right of the song titles indicate the highest position achieved on the US Country Singles Chart.   The album What Mattered Most reached #9 on the US Country Albums chart.

Official Press Release / Bio

Ty Herndon sings with the kind of wide open emotion that makes him an old friend at first listen. Whether it’s the simple, heartfelt romanticism of Vince Gill and Don Schlitz’s “You Just Get One”, the jaunty “Pretty Good Thing” or the yearning title track, What Mattered Most is an album that shows the Alabama-born singer as an artist who is as comfortable and reassuring as a favorite flannel shirt.

Ty Herndon’s life reads like a classic country song. raised in a strong family environment on a farm in Butler, Alabama Herndon’s earliest memories of family get-togethers were filled with joyful noises. “All the generations would be there with guitars, singing. “I remember my aunts Bennie and Lillie and Mother Peggy, who used to do their own radio show as the Todd sisters, out in the kitchen singing in these full voices as they did the dishes, their harmonies just pouring out into the rest of the house.”

Initially, the church attracted the 5 year old prodigy to music. “We were spirit-filled Baptists, Assembly and Church Of God people”, explains the ruggedly handsome singer. “I was raised on the spirit side of religion where there’s a bass and a beat and people testifying with music.

In Ty Herndon’s world, its about heart, passion, soul and truth. Whether it’s mainlining the emotions of a young kid trying to undo a rash decision on “I Want My Goodbye Back” or the sweeping sense of understanding that underscores “What Mattered Most”, Herndon brings a life full of emotions to the table. There is no substitute for the real thing and this gifted young man offers none. (Press Release – 1995)