5 Advantages of Pallet Wrappers

5 Advantages of Pallet Wrappers

Delivering things on pallets eliminates the tedious search for boxes and crates in which you can put everything. However, sending items in boxes and crates as well as delivering items on pallets share one more annoying factor. This factor is objects falling out of pallets and from crates/boxes during transport. Pallet wrappers can help. Here are five advantages of pallet wrapping.

Everything Remains on the Pallet

Despite how unfavourable the size and shape of the things you put on the pallet are, the pallet packaging can still wrap them with plastic wrap and leave everything on the pallet. The wrapping begins at the bottom of the pallet and turns around, holding the plastic film and changing its unusual sizes and shapes. All you have to do is ensure nothing drops when the pallet and its contents are wrapped.

The Plastic Film Heats Up During Wrapping

If you are used to packing pallets manually, you already recognize that after rotating the pallet you need to use a dryer to compress the film. For packaging pallets, heat is used when packaging is used. This removes the need for a subsequent shrink plastic film when heated.

You Do Not Have to Pack Pallets Manually Anymore

Place the pallet on the robot palletwrapper, set the winding roll to start and push it back. In case you have a good, equally loaded pallet that is not piled too high, you can also take another pallet for packaging and let the Vertical Load Wrapper do its job. The pallet packer wraps and seals the film without losing a second of its time.

Pallet Packers Make Loading Pallets Easier

Sometimes packing pallets into a shipping truck can be terrible. One or two individuals hold the items on a pallet, while a third individual uses a pallet elevator to pull the pallet into and onto the truck trailer. If you have pallet wrapper, you only require one individual to load and the others may be busy stacking and packing pallets. Nothing drops and no additional people are required to observe and support the load on the pallets as the loader pulls them through the loading ramp onto the truck.

Pallet Packaging Saves Money and Time

Ultimately, pallet wrapping saves money and time. All of the time that you normally spend in the warehouse to collect and fold the boxes and crates on the pallet, as well as the additional time that other employees need to load and unpack unbalanced pallets, can be forwarded to other jobs. All of a sudden, you will discover that you have extra time to do more jobs in the course of the shift.


To find out about the extra accessories or features that can be purchased with the pallet wrapper, talk to a Sontex Ltd sales representative to find out what’s best for your warehouse.

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