All About Gas Hose Fittings

All About Gas Hose Fittings

Gas fittings are flexible tubes that connect gas cylinders to regulators. They come in different types and sizes. The gas hose fittings are designed specifically for use with the designated gas which may be flammable or hazardous. The fittings are chosen to ensure compatibility between the gas appliance and the cylinder. Several features ensure compatibility which includes:

  1. SAE 45 degrees’ flare.

This type of fittings is identified by the fact that the male fittings have a flare at one end that is 45 degrees. The flare is used with copper nuts and placed at an angle that is 45 degrees to the nut. This ensures that the nut does not fall off. The flare is screwed into a gas hose.

  1. The British Standard Pipe(BSP)

These are the most basic and commonly used type. They are used for both water and gas fitting. They come in imperial sizes and colors. Use a liquid thread seal or a yellow seal to ensure there is no leakage. At home, the most used BSP is the garden tap when used for water. IF you have a prior bought thread, you are required to measure the size of the outside of the ale thread which is generally tapered so that it tightens as it gets screwed in.

  1. POL fittings

These type of fitting are used for the larger gas cylinders. They have a thread that is on the left-hand side. The male threads have a rubber ring that ensures the thread is tightened. Note; The o-ring should not be over tightened.

4. Primus Gas cylinders

The main advantage of the primus gas cylinder over the others is that it only allows the gas to flow when the threads are fully immersed in the cylinder.

  1. Bayonet fittings.

This type of gas cylinders is used for removable gas appliances. The distinguishable feature of these fittings is that the female thread comes in only one size and is the one that is used to supply the gas. To avoid exposure to dust or dirt, a rubber cap can be placed on the bayonet fittings.

  1. Companion cylinder threads.

They have a left-handed male thread with 3/8 inches. They are not only used by most local brands but also some foreign ones.

7. Inverted flare ¼.

This type of flare is different in that they do not require thread tape, the female and male threads fit together perfectly. This type is used at the anterior end of gas pigtails.

Gas hoses and fittings make two categories:

Hoses for high pressure that are above 140 bar (filling and emptying gas cylinders) and low-pressure gases (oxygen, natural gas, and butane).  Air hose fittings are used to pass compressed air. Hose connectors are used to join two hoses to ease the fitting process.

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