Handy Discusses if Eating Only Twice a Day is Healthy

Handy Discusses if Eating Only Twice a Day is Healthy


These days, weight loss ideas are floating in the market like never before. Everyone wishes to shed off those extra pounds, the love handles, and the extra fat, and want to boast of a fit slim version of themselves. From doing exercise, yoga and hitting the gym to changing dietary habits and calorie intake, all are doing the rounds everywhere. Handy discusses if consuming fewer calories by eating only twice a day is healthy.

What the research says

Research shows that fewer eating occasions result in greater production of a key hormone PYY, which increases satiety after a meal. Since you tend to feel full, you will not snack on high calorie in between and thus stick to your allotted calories. Once you form a habit of having only two meals, your body becomes accustomed to it and you won’t feel hunger pangs in between. This makes your weight loss plan easier than other ideas where you tend to put on weight so much after you have quit your eating pattern.

There are numerous other benefits of intermittent fasting that go beyond weight loss. It helps in giving the digestive system a good rest before having to deal with the next meal. It truly focusses on connecting your mind and body and is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Eating two meals a day becomes a way of life and is not one of the short-term ideas that can help you to achieve your weight loss goals. This way, you need less restriction on the food you love because you are going to have your next meal a good deal later. The method is simple, easy to follow, effective, and sustainable.

How eating only two meals a day can be healthy

Once your body sets into a two meal a day pattern, it helps to transition from burning sugar and carbohydrates to body fat for energy. This is one of the most effective ways to gain long term health and wellness. So, even those of you who do not need to lose weight, this is a good idea as you remain full of energy all day long and have illnesses at bay.

Consuming fewer meals a day is a good method to detoxify your body. It shows not only in your agility but is also apparent in the increase in skin glow and quality of hair. An empty stomach has vast benefits which are also one of the ways early human beings existed because of no availability of food. It acts as a natural medicine to boost your immune system and keep you more energetic.

Having two meals a day is not about starvation but balanced dietary habits. It is about giving your body what it needs when it needs it. The additional benefit includes having to cook less, thus saving both time and money to make more productive use of it.


Handy feels that you need to respect your body for it to remain healthy. Try to begin with this eating habit to start a new journey of wellness.

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