How to improve the aesthetics of your mouth?

How to improve the aesthetics of your mouth?

Having a nice mouth is synonymous with hygiene, care, well-being and health. Currently, the sensation that transmits a careful image is highly valued and dental aesthetics oral surgery prevails over the rest.

Both men and women, look at the smile as one of the main attractions at first sight. Therefore both personally and professionally, a healthy and beautiful mouth is something that can make us feel comfortable and sure of ourselves. Below we explain the most frequent treatments and their process.

Treatments to Improve the Aesthetics of Your Smile

Teeth whitening

This method is simple and fast. It is recommended to those people whose teeth are in good condition. Once the gums are protected, a whitening gel is applied that will intensify its result through the activation by cold light with an appropriate wavelength in each case. This process is responsible for the activation of hydrogen peroxide.


A quick way to have a spectacular denture without going through long processes, is to place veneers in those spaces where aesthetic improvement is required. Or to disguise a protruding tooth, chipped, to fill a space or to cover a discolored tooth.

Even with the problem of deviated teeth, they can be disguised by putting layers of different thicknesses in each piece until achieving a balance.

There are different types of veneers:

Composite veneers

They are easy to place and it is a treatment that takes place in a day. They are recommended for people with mild cosmetic problems. They are placed on the affected teeth with esthetic resin without the need to carve them.

Porcelain veneers

These require more visits to the specialist, since they are personalized pieces. They are recommended to those people with more serious aesthetic problems, pronounced discoloration, fractures, empty spaces, chipping, etc. Their advantage is that they have greater resistance, a more natural and lasting shine.


They are placed in case of fracture, empty spaces or by weakening. This process must be personalized, so it is done in the laboratory. A dental crowns and veneers is the closest thing to a natural tooth and can be metal, porcelain or a combination of both. In each case, the most appropriate will be recommended.

Aesthetic orthodontics

It is the treatment used to align the denture and improve the aesthetics of the mouth. This treatment, besides being aesthetic, is necessary in many cases to maintain certain dental health.

It is used by people with bite problems, crooked teeth, narrow palate, etc. There are several types of aesthetic orthodontics, they can be fixed for a while or just punctual.

The specialist is the one who will determine the treatment and advise the patient depending on each case. There are different orthodontic treatments depending on the patient’s objectives.

Periodontal cosmetic surgery

This process is used in cases of problems with the bones or gums. It serves to regenerate and beautify the periodontal tissues in order to restore dental health to the patient and a beautiful mouth. Of course, it requires several visits to the center and a series of tests to determine the degree to which each case is found. After a thorough study, surgery will proceed.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid was used aesthetically to increase the thickness of the lips. However, with the new advances it has been used for a few years, also to regenerate the tissues of the gums and the oral mucosa taking advantage of our body secretes this type of substance.

This practice is carried out in people with temporomandibular joint problems. Thanks to this technique has been able to return many beautiful and healthy smiles.

There are several treatments to meet the needs of each patient. After a study, the most appropriate process for each case is evaluated and recommended. If you want more information you can make an appointment from here.

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