The Do’s And Dont’s When Keeping Things In Self Storage Unit

The Do's And Dont's When Keeping Things In Self Storage Unit

As a general rule, most people don’t like to be reminded of dos and don’ts but there are certain rules and regulations to follow in case of self storage. If you ignore these rules, it could ultimately prove extremely costly for you and others. Following these rules will make your life easy and allow you to get the best use out of your self storage in Crawley.

Choose a Reliable Company

There is no dearth of self storage facilities but choosing one based on only the price can prove to be costly at a later date. Make sure the company is reliable and has good customer reviews. Also, pay attention to the location and accessibility. It should be easily accessible and you shouldn’t have to drive for hours to store and retrieve items. Make sure the company has been in business for several years. Don’t use a new company just because they are cheap as there is no guarantee whether they will exist when you come back to retrieve your items.

Make an Inventory

Before you start searching for self storage units, you should make an inventory of the things you plan to store there. It will help in determining the storage size you will need and will also help in keeping things organised.

Label Boxes

One of the most common mistakes people make when packing items for self storage units is not labelling the boxes. In most cases, you are not going to need the stored items at least for a few months. While you might have a good memory but labelling boxes will ensure that you don’t have to go through 10 different boxes to retrieve that one item easily even after a few months. Remember to make a list of the items in the storage and keep that list in a safe place.

Pack Things Properly

If you are keeping furniture in a storage unit, use moving pads or blankets to cover it. Use packing paper to carefully wrap any fragile items. Boxes should be filled to capacity but never overfill the boxes. Bulging or partially filled boxes may collapse or tip over. Use small boxes to pack heavy items to make them easier to lift. Use bubble wrap to protect table legs, glassware and dishes, and any other fragile goods.

Plan Your Storage

Don’t just throw items into the storage unit randomly. Create a plan before packing things in the boxes. Think about how you’re going to stack the boxes in the storage unit. If you need climate-controlled environment for storing certain things, make sure the storage provider offers it.

Get Insurance

Insurance is not always provided which means you will need to buy it from the storage company or you will need to upgrade the existing insurance. Item insurance may be needed for certain goods in addition to the overall insurance policy.

Don’t Store Restricted Items

While storage facilities usually allow all kinds of goods but there are rules to restrict storage of banned items. Make sure you do not store any combustibles or flammables as these could cause accidents. If you are storing lawnmowers or vehicles, empty the fuel tanks before storing them. Any perishable items should not be stored as such things usually attract pests and cause problems. Certain chemical substances and pressurised items such as aerosols are also not allowed in most facilities. Although it is obvious but self storage sites do not allow stolen and illegal goods.

Self storage facilities offer a variety of benefits but it is important for you to follow their rules to keep your items safe. When in doubt, ask them whether you can store a particular item and whether there are specific rules to be followed for storing certain items. Following the above mentioned tips will make sure your belongings are always safe and remain in good condition when you’re ready to retrieve them.

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