The reasons why babies are known to turn their head down position during pregnancy

The reasons why babies are known to turn their head down position during pregnancy

Till about 32 weeks of pregnancy, the head of the baby would go on to face the birth canal. Till this point of time it was easy for the baby to turn their head up to the head down position. This goes by the name of cephalic presentation as it means that there is plenty of space in the uterus.

Vertex presentation

In singletons this appears to be the main common type of configuration. The face looks towards the spine and the back would face up to the tummy. This works out to be an ideal position for birth as the baby is lined up so that it passes through the pelvis in an easy manner. In certain case the head of the baby you might have to tilt it towards the side. This is not going to cause a major problem

Face presentation

Here the face goes on to become the extended part. This does account for less than 5 % of presentations at the time of birth and it does appear to be more in the case of premature babies. If it does appear to be an uncomplicated one, then you will figure out that the duration of the labor session is not altered in any way.

Brow presentation

This would happen when the head or the neck of your little one stands fairly extended as this may replicate a situation where the baby is looking up. This is a position more common when it is the case of post mature babies.

How to enable your baby in a head down position?

By week 36 if the baby does not reach to a cephalic position, there are a series of steps that you need to take so as to enable them to reach that position.

  • Make it a point that you change to a helpful sitting position. The pelvis will tilt forward when you are sitting and at the same time the knees should not be higher than the hips. This is an optimal fetal positioning and enables a head down position during pregnancy with relative ease.
  • As far as possible get into a comfortable position and begin to scrub the floor. When you are on all fours it does become easy for a baby to change their position right in front of you
  • Always be active and do not sit for extended hours at a single place. Walking does appear to be an excellent option which will help the baby turn and be vertex.
  • When you are sitting in a car use a cushion as the knees would come under the hips
  • Lean over a birthing ball as this seems to be a form of exercise ball. When you are sitting in front of your TV or computer this would be the best option.
  • No need to worry as far as getting the baby into an appropriate position when you are sleeping. It is better than you do go on to sleep on the left side.

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