Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dwarf Gold Conifers for Your Garden

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dwarf Gold Conifers for Your Garden

Castlewellan gold conifers come in a wide range of textures, sizes, forms and colours. For this reason, they add shape, form, texture and colour to your garden. Besides, these trees are favourite of gardeners and landscapers alike due to the vast array of species used for aesthetic and hedging purposes. Small gold conifers are famous for the distinctly scented resin that protects them against fungal and insect attacks. To know more about golden dwarf conifers, read on.

1. Their ornamental value runs throughout the year

Small dwarf gold conifers are popularly grown for the texture, colour, and diversity they provide all year-round. The foliage of conifers has varying colours including green to blue, blue-green, purple, and golden yellow. As the trees mature, some needles change from one colour to another.

Texture means leaf shape and size. Thinner leaves have a delicate texture and vice versa. The dwarf varieties have an awl, needle, or scale-shaped leaves. Regarding form, you will find dwarf conifer trees with conical, oval, columnar and globose shapes. Conifers offer invaluable aesthetic in contrast to deciduous shrubs.

2. Tolerant of different climatic conditions

Unlike many deciduous trees, conifers are adaptable to a vast array of conditions. Different species grow is different parts of the globe. For instance, the dense forests of the Alaskan coast to mid-Sahara; lowland savannas; and the Arctic to the Equatorial region. Their foliage comes in different colours every season and every landscape.

3. Provide a dense and evergreen hedge

Besides Castlewellan dwarf conifers being versatile, they provide a compact and evergreen hedge. The fact that they grow as dense trees make them an excellent perimeter barrier. Nonetheless, they act as windbreakers, a visual obstacle, reduce noise, ward-off nosey neighbours, and provide shelter for livestock. Species such as green and golden Leylandii are famous for their rapid growth. What you need to do is to carry out regular trimming.

4. Ideal for rocky gardens

The dwarf golden conifer trees are well suited for the rocky garden because they withstand the severe, harsh winter to shine through the seasons, providing form, texture, and colour. Their low congested growths can be propagated by grafting them onto the rootstock. Upon successful propagation, the new shoots are used as seedlings for rockeries and fronts of borders. Moreover, the dwarf varieties are ideal for the rock gardens because they flourish within the rock crevasses.

5. Add architectural flare and ascent to your garden

When planted in containers, in rows and as centre-piece plants, dwarf conifers give an excellent architectural flare. They can be incorporated in native bush gardens to provide a sharp contrast. For instance, the blue foliage varieties. The short species can be grown along pathways, cascade over a wall or down a slope, or demarcate a garden bed.

Growing dwarf golden conifers is easy and rewarding. However, laying down a great plan requires time and effort. For maximum benefit, make use of the different forms and shapes of dwarf conifers. When you’re ready to make your purchase, check out the dwarf gold conifers for sale from Meredith Nurseries.

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