Web.com Reviews Discusses What Makes Music Good

Web.com Reviews Discusses What Makes Music Good


There are a number of great musicians in this world who already know the way to make good music but still, at times, you may not get the desired result even if you make good music. During such a time, you should review your music composition and analyze the things that could have made your music sound better. According to Web.com Reviews, every musician should strive to improve their craft to make better music and be a great musician.

The Ways

Here are some ways that can help you to make music good:

  1. Focus on rhythm first – Rhythm is an essential part of any good music and it relies on a good rhythm. Creating the rhythm of music is much easier than composing the actual contour of the melody. When you see that your rhythm gets down, make sure to move notes up and down for creating a good melody. If you are creating dance music, then you have to create the groove and sort the rhythm in your track first. Once you do that, every other thing becomes a lot easier.
  1. Edit MIDI files – MIDI files are certainly a great form of inspiration for creating the original ideas. Thus, you need to download MIDI files and pick elements for the files. You may find the rhythm of a chord useful for any particular song and a specific chord in some other song. In such circumstances, you have to edit both the song so that it does not sound the same or close to the original one. Once you edit the song completely, you will complete creating the new music.
  1. Use MIDI effect – If you ever observe that you are struggling to come up with a good idea then it is better to chuck in Ableton’s Scale device. You can try to improvise a different scale which may lead you to some unique ideas. Apart from that, you can also experiment with some other types of MIDI effects such as cord devices.

Creating a melody over the existing chord progression is also a great art and for that, you have to take the chord progression from the song that you like and change its MIDI file and write your own melody on top of it. When you finally create an original melody, you can either edit the underlying chord progression for making your composition unique or remove the chord progression completely.

  1. Listen to other genres of music As a musician, you must listen to other styles of music. You must even listen to music which you do not like. It is also necessary to listen to jazz and hear the funky arrangement so that it can include a drum solo in the breakdown to make the music good.


Although people have different tastes in music, good music will manage to capture the attention of a variety of listeners.  According to Web.com Reviews, you can recognize good music when you hear it. Also, if you find many people vibing to a certain kind of music, you know it is good.

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